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The Vancouver Venture For Diversity Society is a registered charity and non-profit Society.  The mandate is to provide the critical support and services on an individual as well as group basis, to foster children, youth and families as well as advance educational opportunities to address any special needs as well as cultural competent activities and gatherings.  In addition, to promote heath care initiatives, awareness, reduce discrimination, create more understanding and advance educational possibilities to the community at large regarding seniors/Elders, the mental health community and LGBT, as well as working to improve the quality of lives for all of the above groups.

Many Programs Available

Programs include the Inner City Foster Families Program for foster children, youth and families.  There exists a significant disproportionate number of Aboriginal foster children and youth in foster care, most in non-Aboriginal foster homes, so VVFDS has a serious commitment to ensure they have an essential link to their cultural identity.  There are regular activities, support and services offered throughout the year, with seasonal events including the annual heritage & cultural days event, picnic and Christmas Tour of Lights. 

The Elders/Seniors program strides to provide educational opportunities and awareness while promoting the immense value of seniors/Elders in our community.  Funding initiatives are regularly sought as well to organize regular workshops pertinent to seniors/Elders, gatherings and events to further reduce social isolation and engage Elders with foster children and youth, transferring traditional knowledge and culture.  Further resources and donations are vigorously pursued throughout the year. 

The Mental Health Awareness Program plans to host and coordinate community forums and events, which provide a greater understanding, reduce stigma and discrimination and educate the communities and public at large.  Further resources are also being sought to do this on a much -needed regular basis.

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The VVFDS is very much a volunteer driven grassroots organization that operates essentially with donations as well as funds raised from the annual charity golf tournament as well as grants such as from the Ministry of Public Safety and Solicitor General and other community partners.

Many activities, special events, fundraisers and such have been in operational delivery for over a decade.  There exist many long-term community partnerships, collaborations and supporters from many other community agencies, MLA’s and businesses.

Volunteer applications are accepted throughout the year as well as donations.  As VVFDS is a registered charity, tax receipts are available upon request.

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Vancouver Venture for Diversity Society

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